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Kleo is a very smart and very headstrong little mouse. She tries to help Katrin with her vocabulary tests but also uses her hiding qualities to come along to other trips, to which she is not invited. On top she always has some unbelievable ideas on how to have a fun time and this will, of course, end in trouble and a lot of questions to answer for Katrin.
Whether she stands in the last rows in the ballet class among the other girls because she wants to learn to dance as Katrin, or when she stands on the escalator in the middle oft the shopping mall, Kleo always manages to get attention and Katrin has to save her from risky situations. While on the Mexican family vacation, Kleo wanders off alone again and nearly gets eaten by a cat and on the school trip Kleo gets hurt and Katrin has to bring her to a veterinary without any other school friends noticing. But in the end those adventures bring them closer together and they grow to a real team.
For Children aged 5 and older to read or to be read.

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